Brand : Gallo Acoustics

Adiva Speaker

Category : Speaker

Our Best Price
₹ 40,800.00
Product Details
  • loudspeaker with a surprisingly big sound-Stainless Steel, Bronze, Gold
  • Product Description
    • The 5″ diameter A’Diva frees up an extra half octave of bass, and the improved low frequency response (76Hz to 20kHz) makes it a very compelling option for the audiophile who wants a compact speaker with a ‘big’ sound, and clear, precise dispersion. It also means that A’Diva can be used without the addition of a subwoofer in many applications.
    • Frequency Response
    •  On wall- 76Hz to 20Khz
    •  On floor stand- 120Hz to 22Khz
    • Sensitivity- 88 dB/w
    • Nominal Impedance- 8 Ohms
    • Power Handling
    • Full range-50 Watts
    • Crossover-100 Watts
    • Height on Stand- 37″
    • Driver- 3″ full range
    • Dimensions- 5″ Sphere
    • Weight- 1.6kg
    • Enclosure Material- Mild Steel


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