• Speaker Craft Time Mini 2 Speaker System & TIME Mini Amp/Controller – In-Ceiling Motorized Speaker


    Key Features – Speaker System

    • SpeakerCraft TIME Mini 2 In Ceiling Drop Down Motorized Speaker System with Speaker Craft Time Mini Controller
    • Time Mini Speaker is with 2.5″ driver and automatic drop down at a 45º angle when desired.
    • Rotation angle is fixed during installation at any position in a 340º rotation.
    • This speaker requires a TIME Mini Controller to control the motorised drop down of the speaker.
    • Efficiency: 89dB 1W/1m
    • Power Handling: 80 Watts
    • Impedance: 8 Ohm Compatible
    • Frequency Response: 150Hz – 20kHz ±3dB
    • Diameter x Depth: 57⁄8″ x 81⁄16″ (149mm x 205mm)
    • Cut-Out Diameter: 51⁄2″ (139mm)

    Key Features – Amp/Controller

    • Amplifier:Mono Class A-B dedicated sub woofer
    • Type: Amplifier
    • Power Output:150 watts
    • Crossovers: Variable Low Pass Crossover 60Hz to 160 Hz, LFE 30Hz to 600Hz
    • Auto Off Time: 5 minutes
    • Auto OnSensitivity: 3.0 mv


    Download Technical Specification – Speaker System

    Download Technical Specification – Amp-Controller

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