Features of Multi Region Blu Ray Player

Multi Region Blu Ray Player

What is a Multi Region Blu Ray Player

Blu-ray players offer people the ability to watch the movies in high-definition at home. As home entertainment technology increases, Blu-ray players have become so popular that they are beginning to phase out DVD players entirely. Since the most Blu-ray players are also capable of playing DVDs, which most people still have, there is little need for the traditional DVD players anymore.

Blu-ray players have 1080p video capabilities which are the highest resolution HD that is currently available. A normal DVD player only has 480p.

Here is the guide that will assist shoppers in selecting a Blu Ray Player that best meets their needs by discussing important features of your Blu ray player should have

Features of Blu-ray Player

Blu-ray players have lots of features to select from. Buyers should learn about each one before shop so that they know what they are looking for and what they want.

Here are 6 important features that are available with Blu-ray players.

1. BD-Live

Blu-ray players can have the capability of connecting to the Internet to extra online features such as video games, outtakes, and trailers can be viewed online through the player. Some specific movies also come with the bonus features that are accessible through the BD-Live. In this case, the player displays the bonus content in the movie’s menu screen. In some cases, extra memory either through a USB drive or a memory card is required for this feature.

2. 3D Capable

Some Blu-ray systems are capable of playing 3D movies. However, for this to work, the player has to be combined with 3D TV as well as 3D glasses. So before considering the feature, keep in mind that there are other costs involved.

3. Multiple Disc Capacity

This is a neat feature that saves the trouble of having to get up to switch out the discs whenever one is done playing. Standard players only hold the one disc at a time, but some come with the carousels that can hold many discs at once. Usually, the maximum capacity of the discs is five. Some Blu-ray players also have an internal hard drive that can store movies in digital format as well.

4. Disc Formats

Blu – ray players are steadily replacing DVD players, and it is important that they are able of playing old DVDs so that the films do not have to be discarded. Blu-ray systems can also be capable of playing video, audio, and MP3 CDs. They may also be able to read CDs with pictures on them.

5. DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance)

The feature of Multiregion Blu-ray players allows accessing music, photos, and movies that are stored on other devices such as smartphones, computers, or tablets. A home network can be set up to share data between all of the devices.

6. Picture Adjustability

There are various ways in which Blu-ray players may be able to adjust the picture. Nearly all of them allow the user to switch back and forth from a screen aspect ratio of the 4:3 to 16:9 depending on the content being viewed. This is an excellent feature to have when playing DVDs that are not wide-screen format. Blu-ray players have zoom features, black-level adjustment, and the ability to view a scene from various angles if the disc includes that feature. Brightness and sharpness controls are sometimes available as well, but it ‘s nice to adjust those through the TV instead of Blu-ray player.

A Blu-ray player can enhance the media experience through the high-definition video and surround sound. However, there are many features that the players can have that provide even more entertainment for buyers.

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