Best Smart Blu Ray Player

How to Buy the Best Smart Blu Ray Player

best smart blu ray playerHow to Buy the Best Smart Blu Ray Player

The best Smart Blu Ray Player that can display films in high definition, 3D or 4K. We explain what to look out for before buying one.

The main selling point of Blu Ray is that it displays films and TV shows in full high definition, you have more clarity than your old DVD collection although Blu Ray Players play DVDs, too.

Blu Ray Players are now much more affordable. We help you with your decision to take a look at unique interactive choosing tool below.

Best Smart Blu Ray Player Features

1080p HD picture

If you are a film buff, you want to watch films in the high quality than you will appreciate a Blu Ray Player, especially on a larger TV, where you will be able to see the tiniest details.

If your Blu Ray Player has a composite video output, you can connect it to any TV that has a composite video input. However, even if your TV is an HDTV, you may, or may not able to access high-definition Blu Ray quality.

High Definition Sound

You can enjoy the high-quality picture as well as high-quality audio too. To fully benefit from uncompressed audio, ideally, you will connect the Blu Ray Player to a surround sound system, speakers and an A/V receiver or a sound bar, rather than listening through the TV’s speakers.


4K is the latest standard of image quality. Most of the people have a Full-HD TV in their homes, but those with 4K or ultra HD picture quality are becoming more common. It’s an incredible four-times sharper than the Full-HD but needs a special 4K player, 4K-ready TV and 4K Blu Ray discs to be viewed.

3D Film Effects at Home

The Best way to use it at home is a magic combination of the 3D TV and glasses, 3D Blu Ray disc and 3D Blu Ray player.

True HD vs HD channels

Online streaming services like Netflix, digital TV services such as satellite services don’t broadcast completely uncompressed HD footage. Even the latest 4K streams won’t certainly give you a picture as good as a Blu Ray disc.

No Need to Stream

Unlike online video services, such as Netflix and YouTube, with Blu Ray discs, you don’t need the fast internet connection and generous data allowance to watch shows and movies in high quality. Even without fast and reliable broadband, you can enjoy movies at their best.

Brands which make the Best Smart Blu Ray Player

The manufacturers of best Smart Blu Ray Players are big-name brands such as Samsung, Pioneer, Sony, LG and Panasonic, although other well-known companies produce them, including Philips, Microsoft and Yamaha.

Connecting Your New Blu Ray Player to an Old TV

Step 1: Get Your Blu Ray Player

Step 2: Get Your HDMI to Component Converter

You need the adapter to convert the digital output of your Blu Ray player to a component input on the TV.

Step 3: Plug in Your Blu Ray Player

Step 4: Plug in the HDMI Cord

Step 5: Find the 3 VGA Input You Want to Plug Blu Ray Into.

Step 6: Plug in 3 RCA Cord

Step 7: Turn on the TV and Select the Correct Input Channel.

Step 8: Turn on the Blu Ray Player and Enjoy Watching Your Favorite Movies.

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