Which is the best multi region blu ray player India that you can buy online?

It’s time to have a cup of coffee and enjoy your all time favorite movie at the comfort of your home. Wondering how? The multi region blu ray player is here give you the best entertainment. In this post we will share the top buys from Shemaroo that you can buy online in India at nominal rates.  

These multi region blu ray player india are proven performers and reliable device. They can be used to play several types of disc without any issue. Take a look at the best ones which you can buy from Shemaroo Home Theatres at the lowest prices.

  1. Samsung Multiregion Blue-Ray Player – UBD-K8500

The multiregion Blu ray player by Samsung offers an outstanding 4K streaming service. The cinematic experience which it provides is simply magnificent. Its modern curved design looks classy and elegant and will complement any place where it’s kept at. This amazing Blu-ray player can give your old TV a new life with its UHD upscaling feature.

Not just this, the player has high dynamic range which offers huge variety of brightness & colors while enhancing details in the film format. Since it plays all music CD’s, DVD’s, blu ray discs, it deserves the title of universal disc player. It’s not just another player; as it’s a smart blu-ray player which has ultimate features that will leave you spellbound.

  1. Yamaha BD-S681 Blu ray Player

This Blu ray player by Yamaha is one of the most demanded players on Shemaroo home theater. It offers perfect sound purity as it has CD mode and pure direct mode. This Blu-ray player supports several disc formats & also gives high-resolution sound. The player has 4K ultra HD upscaling which gives you an outstanding experience.

The device has a rigid construction which helps it to remains intact and offer perfect visuals and sounds. The audio precision is great due to the high quality circuitry in Yamaha BD-S681 Blu ray Player. The built- in WIfi is another amazing feature which makes this player one of the best options. Its price is really affordable and justified because of the several features it offers to the buyer.

If you buy this player at Shemaroo home theater you will be getting the best and the most nominal price. This multi region blu ray player india is definitely a great option to buy online.

  1. Pioneer Multiregion Blue-ray Player – BDP-180

Offering multiple features, this Blu-ray player is definitely going to be a value for money. It allows you to view Tablet or smartphone content easily on your TV. It has several advanced features like YouTube Streaming client and DNLA. It supports WiFi and WiFi direct. The trick play features are also their which allows the player to stream the whole library of video, music and photos from smartphones, personal computers and NAS.

If you want to buy this multi region blu ray player india, Shemaroo home theater will deliver it to you at the lowest price.





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