8 Essential Features a Multi Region Blu Ray Player Should Have

8 Essential Features a Multi Region Blu Ray Player Should Have

A Blu Ray player is a must for every home theater system. However, you must know that there are plenty of options for Blu Ray players available in the industry. Multi Region Blu Ray players have replaced the DVD players from the market. Today, Blu Ray players are the best bet since the advent of HDTVs.

Entertainment is the best only when experienced at the highest quality. If you are already investing a lot in setting up your home theater system, then adding a region free Blu Ray player isn’t a wrong decision. You must consider a lot of things before buying one. While the brand factor is crucial, there are also some new players in the industry to watch out!

Must-Have Features of a Multi Region Blu Ray Player

Most of your favorite movies and TV shows are available throughout the globe as DVD or Blu Ray disks. While DVDs are still in trend, the popularity and efficiency of Blu Ray disc are slowly replacing DVDs around the world.

A Blu Ray disc can store data which would otherwise need 5 DVDs or 35 CDs. Hence, the demand for a Blu Ray player is high as it can play both Blu Ray discs and DVDs.

To find a quality Blu Ray player, you must check for the following features:

Region Restrictions

Similar to the DVDs, the Blu Ray also has its region coding. While there are six major regions in the DVD world, the Blu Ray discs are region coded into three sections. It is done to protect the film studios from incurring any loses before the worldwide release.

However, there are region free Blu Ray players available in the industry. These multi-region Blu Ray players will play all kinds of DVDs and Blu Ray discs without any region restrictions.

Picture Quality and Sound

If you are planning for a home theater system or already have one at your home, you must get a multi region Blu Ray player with multichannel surround sound feature. This feature will help you connect multiple speakers to create a theater-like experience while watching movies. Also, the picture quality must be at par with the latest trends.

The player must play high quality 1080p HD videos and if the budget allows, then opt for a 4K compatible region free Blu Ray player. 4K videos are already stealing the show, and it is always wise to stay one step ahead of the curve.

Recording Feature

Another feature to have in a region free Blu Ray player is the recording capacity. You are not going to use your HDTV just to watch movies on a Blu Ray player. You may also enjoy your favorite games, TV shows aired on different channels, or play video games. A recording feature will enable you to record them to watch or use it later.

Many Blu Ray players have built-in hard drives as well as tuners. With this feature, you can also write content on rewritable Blu Ray discs for superior quality and better storage.

3D Compatible

If you already own a 3D compatible television, then look for a Blu Ray player that is 3D compatible too. A 3D compatible multi-region Blu Ray player also makes way for new content providers when it comes to internet streaming.


Connectivity is the essential feature in a Blu Ray player. You multi region Blu Ray player must have proper input and output ports with Wi-Fi support. DLNA feature is a must when it comes to a Blu Ray player.

Today, we own multiple devices and gadgets at home. With DLNA support, you can access media files such as photos, music, and movies stored on different devices such as laptops, tablets, or smartphones.

Supports USB and Memory Cards

As the technology is evolving, new storage types are gaining popularity across the globe. Today, most movies, music, and pictures are transferred and stored using USB flash drives or memory cards.

You multi-region Blu Ray player must have ports and slots for USB and memory card accessibility. Most Blu Ray players are tuned to play all the video and audio formats. However, you must confirm the same before investing in a Blu Ray player.


Cloud storage is taking over the traditional storage means. Data is easily shared and accessed through cloud storage and eliminate all the restrictions otherwise encountered while storing files locally. Hence, internet compatibility is the most critical feature to have in a region free Blu Ray player.

With so many online streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime; you must not miss out on the best entertainment served online. Most Blu Ray players come with an excellent package of such streaming apps to ensure you don’t miss out on your favorite TV show.

Supports all Disc Formats

As the technology is taking a new leap as we speak, the disc formats have evolved from floppy disks to the latest Blu Ray discs. While the floppy discs are outdated, there are still some CDs and DVDs that can’t be wasted out.

If you have a stack of such old CDs and DVDs, then you must invest in a Blu Ray player that is capable of playing movies and audio files stored in CDs and DVDs.

Over to you!

Various brands are offering high-quality multi-region Blu Ray players. Just look for the features mentioned above and choose a player that’s a perfect fit for your home entertainment package. You can also read expert reviews on the products you have shortlisted before making the final decision.

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