6 Best Home Theater Speaker Systems for Your Entertainment Room

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The screen is always the main attraction of a home theater setup. However, a home theater system doesn’t feel great without a proper speaker system. To set up a home theater system and get the exact feeling of watching a movie in a theater, you require a surround sound speaker system.

A home theater system is equipped with a surround sound system and based on your requirements and room size; you can choose between 5.1, 7.1, and 11.1 speaker system. However, a home theater system can dig a big hole in your pocket, and if you don’t have the right budget, you can always build your home theater set up by purchasing few sets of home theater speaker systems.

Best Home Theater Speaker Systems

The electronics industry is changing rapidly, and most consumers aren’t satisfied with a basic TV setup anymore. They are looking for advanced home theater system to enhance their moving watching experience at home.

Here’s where tech companies are launching speaker systems that are highly advanced and fulfill the need of a home theater. Check out some of the best home theater speaker systems you can invest in to build a home theater system in your living room.

Without any further ado, let’s check out the list of our home theater speaker systems.

In-Ceiling Speakers

If you are short on space and can’t think of placing the standalone speakers, you can always opt for in-ceiling speakers. Besides letting you utilize and manage your living room space, it will also offer a theater like feeling with sound coming from the top.

In-ceiling speakers can also be a great addition to your existing home theater system. It will only enhance your speaker system if used wisely. There are various types of in-ceiling speakers that you can choose based on your preferences.

You can either choose in-ceiling directional or motorized speakers to divert the sound to a specific direction. Lumi and Speaker Craft are the two brands which manufacture the best in-ceiling speakers in the market. Just check out their full range of collections for speakers.

While the directional speakers point to a single direction, a motorized in-ceiling speaker system are movable with a remote control. Speaker Craft Time Mini 2 Speaker system is an ideal choice if you are looking for an in-ceiling motorized speaker.

You also get the choice for a wireless in-ceiling speaker system. Go for Lumi Audio FLC-62 in-ceiling stereo speaker as it is one of the best in the market.

Tower Speakers

Tower speakers are your best bet if you have a medium to large room. You need the sound to spread throughout the room to give that surround sound effect. You can put them wherever you need as they don’t require any mounting or sealing.

Also, they are easily portable. So, if you wish to move the speakers or adjust them, it is doable with tower speakers. Klipsch is a well-known brand in the sound tech industry which is known for producing high-end speaker system including floor standing tower speakers. You should also check out the tower speakers offered by Definitive Technology which are worth an investment.

Center Speakers

Center speakers are essential to feeling the dialogues of the movies or the shows you are watching. Without a quality center speaker, you will just hear the surround sound while the conversations will merely get lost amidst all the other speakers.

Ideally placed center speakers can quickly help you connect with the audio and you can relate to the video better while enjoying your movie. Again, Klipsch sweeps the market when it comes to center speakers. Just go through the full range of center speaker system offered by the brand now. You can choose one that suits your budget.

Wall Mount Speakers

Another excellent option for a compact room is to have wall mount speakers. You can just mount them on the walls around your room to get the surround sound effect. Placing them ideally in your space can help you set up a home theater system without investing in a complete package.

You must look at the options that offer the best designs when it comes to wall mount speakers. A wall mount speaker system must be compact and designed in such a way that you can mount all the speakers in the system on the walls.

Check out Speaker Craft RooTs 350 for a budget option. You can also look at the wall mount speaker system offered by Mission M3 and Definitive Technology.

In-Wall Speakers

If wall mount is not your thing, then opt for in-wall speakers. It’s a great addition to your home theatre speaker system as the audio will be extraordinarily enhanced and you will experience the sound coming from your walls.

Setting up in-wall speakers is a daunting task; however, the experience is magical. In-Wall speakers from Lumi and Speaker Craft are the best. Check out their full range of in-wall speaker systems and take your best pick that fits your budget and preference.


Subwoofer is a must for any home theater setup. It takes your complete movie watching experience to a whole new level. The effects and magnificence of a sci-fi or an adventure fantasy film are perfectly experienced when you can feel the background noises such as waterfalls, explosions, etc.

A quality subwoofer can create the magic and enhance your whole movie watching experience. Klipsch, Sunfire, and Definitive Technology are the three tech brands that come up when choosing a subwoofer system.

Sunfire and Klipsch offer budget range subwoofers. However, you must pay a high price if you opt for a subwoofer provided by Definitive Technology.

Over to you!

Invest in some good speaker systems for your home theater set up. Being said that, you mustn’t overspend and get what you really need. If a complete home theater package does the job for you, then there’s no need to add new speakers.

However, if you are looking to uplift your existing home theater set up or building a home theater system of your own, the above mentioned speaker systems are the best bet. Choose the type of home theater speaker systems that suits your budget and living room space.

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